Social Media and Hair Extensions? The Final Recap


Over the course of this blog, I tracked and evaluated 6 popular hair companies and how each uses social media to market their brand. All of these companies are becoming popular in the industry and choose to take the social media approach to enhance their product. Each company has a presence on multiple platforms but I choose to highlight their best performing area.


These platforms included:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

But you may ask, “Why is social media marketing working for these companies?”

It’s simple: social media is our future.

  • 8 out of 10 internet users can be reached via social media networks and blogs
  • 75% of people are somewhat or highly likely to share content they like online with friends, co-workers or family—49% do this at least weekly.
  • 73% of online adults use social networking sites

“Social media is a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers.” It allows people to connect with one another without difficulty and ultimately changes how the business realm works. Power is taken out of the hands of company leaders and is given to consumers. People are given the chance to share, provide feedback, critique, and converse with companies whether they want to or not. In fact, social media marketing is not just working for American businesses but actually all over the world. Research and Markets: Social Media Marketing Strategies Adopted It is a universal power tool.


Social media allows consumers to be:

  1. Engaged
  2. Participants
  3. Informed
  4. Partners
  5. Critics
  6. Supporters

And many more!

With a planned and well executed strategy and a strong focus on the customer, these companies have made a mark on the industry and there is much more progress to be gained over the years.


Want to know more about why social media is a great marketing strategy? This article provides 20 reasons!


Case Study #6: Indique Hair


I’m finishing my case studies with a large and in charge company in the hair extension industry, Indique Hair. Indique Hair was founded in 2007 by two women in the hair industry, Ericka Dotson and Krishan Jhalani. These women sought out to create a line a quality hair extensions and a personalized experience with their brand.

Indique Hair stands out because not only do they sell their extensions online but they also Angela-Simmons-Indique-Hair-Launchhave boutiques over the USA. They not only wanted to sell a quality product but also provide a unique experience with their product. In their boutiques, they provide consultations which actually let the customer have a personal experience with the product and the company. Unlike other extension companies, Indique stands out because they have truly created a “brand” for themselves.

The company has profiles on practically every popular social networking site but Twitter has been their best tool. Twitter is known as a microblog in the social media realm. It is different from other social media sites because it allows for short conversations and commentary that can incorporate images, audio, and video. This platform is so important that Verzion took the time to have a webinar with a social media expert to explain how to use Twitter to its maximum capacity. ‘How to Become a Twitter Ninja

indiqueIndique Hair uses Twitter to its maximum capability. The company posts multiple times a day which gains presence on the site. Their tweets provide followers with news about new products, events, and venues. This short content is usually linked to other SNS (Instagram, blogs, Facebook) thus integrating their followers to experience other parts of the company.


Other ways the company uses Twitter:

  • Retweeting- retweet people in similar industries which establishes credibility in the industry
  • Listening- engage in conversations and reply to customers tweets
  • Monitoring- respond to brand mentions

As far as Twitter for business, the site actually has a page dedicated to using Twitter as a business tool. They provide detailed tutorials on how to build a brand through the site and how it can be a successful tool.

Pretty Cool huh!

Check out Indique Hair here!

Case Study #5: Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair

The story of Luxy Hair is an amazing one. The company started out as a venture between sisters, Mimi and Leyla. Mimi was in search for a set of affordable quality human hair extensions. The set she brought turned out to be horrible. Noticing there was a huge demand and market for this type of product, the sisters decided to start their own line of extensions.

Luxy Hair only sells clip-in extensions. The ladies stuck with the type of extensions they knew were very popular and flexible for their chosen market. The hair is 100% Remy Human Hair and they provide 3 different sets of extensions scaled by grams: 120,160, and 220.

luxyThe greatest asset for the company is their Facebook presence. The company has over 198k likes on their page! Facebook is the perfect platform because it is excellent for their target market. There are 1.23 billion monthly active users on the site, with 72% being females. This journal details why Facebook is so important for social media marketing including its definition as a “consumer-oriented network” and its relationship based foundation.  Optimal ways for companies to use Facebook as a marketing channel

On their Facebook page, Luxy Hair posts pictures of their extensions styled in a variety of ways. They maximize the site’s potential by actually linking these photos to their Youtube page. This strategy allows their customers to be exposed to other parts of the company without digging for that information. It is a simple way for their customers to learn more about the brand and to bring in new customers that may not know much about it.

0 On their YouTube, the creators Mimi and Leyla actually post tutorials and informationals with their extensions on themselves. This is a different perspective from other companies that usually post sponsors wearing the hair. Instead of the creators being only behind-the scenes, these ladies establish a personal connection with their brand and their customers.

Luxy Hair also promotes customer engagement through the use of their Facebook page. They promote participation of their customers by hosting giveaways and live chats. The giveaways allow participants to upload their own content and provide feedback about the product and the company. The live chats are hosted on YouTube, and are between creator Mimi and anyone who chooses to participate. These chats are very beneficial because they establish a personal connection and provide personal interaction with the actual creators of the company not just a representative.


Interested in Luxy Hair? Check out the company here.


Would you like to participate in a live chat with a company head? Leave your comments below!

Case Study #4:


As mentioned before, hair extensions come in many forms. This particular company not only sells individual hair extensions but they specialize in wigs. Now these aren’t your typical wigs that you find in local beauty supply stores, these wigs are specially made and tailored to whatever style you may find. is treasured in this industry. is a full service site allowing customers to buy certain styles of wigs based on their choosing. Mostly featured are lace wigs which are hair pieces meant to portray the look and feel of a scalp. Over the last couple of years, this style of wig has gained popularity because they “look as natural as possible.” This thought stems from the “natural looking” styles of celebrities. The company also takes advantage of this belief by actually recreating the styles of celebrities and naming the wig after the celebrity of choice. This has worked wonders for the business thus bringing in many new customers.

Rpg takes advantage of all the popular social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) but also another that is quickly gaining popularity, Pinterest. Pinterest is hqdefault (1)another social media platform that allows its users to “pin” anything they find interest in. Users can set up specialized boards based on the nature of the item, follow boards, and  like/repin others pins. As a rapidly growing site (at more than 70 million users) Pinterest is a perfect platform for building a growing web presence.

An article on outlines 3 ways to accomplish social media strategy objectives through Pinterest:

1: Increase Brand Authority

  • RPG posts their products on the site and informs their customers how to use them.

2: Expand Your Reach

  • The company has a board dedicated to YouTube reviews of their wigs by popular YouTube “gurus” thus extending to those that watch these people who watch these gurus.

3: Drive Traffic to Your Site

  • RPG not only posts their own products, but also images that involve the beauty and hair care industry. They have boards on makeup, fashion, and DIY projects. These other “boards” show the customer the company’s personality and creates a connection. Their ultimate goal is to bring traffic to their site with Pinterest just being one avenue to get there. Pinterest gaining as a new tool for businesses


With the addition of these concepts on their Pinterest page and other social networking sites, RPG show is establishing its name as a leader in the hair extension industry.


Check out the company here.

Case Study #3: Bella Dream Hair


Bella Dream Hair is becoming a rising star within the urban socialite community. This hair company produces a variety of hair extensions that include wefted, clip-in, and micro-link that allow for a perfect long-lasting style. Unlike other hair extension companies, this small business takes advantage of more “creative ” platforms to advertise their product.

RihannaHairThe company has become a pioneer in the burgeoning extensions industry. They have been around for years and were one of the first to make use of celebrity socialites. Constance Petty, the company’s creator, took the brand from a little known startup company to having some of the most popular celebrity clientele including Rihanna, Kamille  Leai, and K. Michelle.The company website advertises that they “…source its hair through a network of suppliers dedicated to finding the best quality hair from around the world.” They pride themselves on having quality customer service and convenient online ordering.


The company has profiles on all popular social media sites but even goes further to make KMichelleuse of Tumblr. Tumblr is marketed as the perfect site for the creative mind. It is the largest blog platform even surpassing WordPress.  Each member has their own personal page on the website that allows them to share their own content, reblog others content or converse with others one through “ask” questions. Unlike other traditional blogging platforms, tumblr focuses more on a visual aspect; meaning that there are less features available but personalization is a prominent feature. Also, the site’s search engine is based on tagging which makes it easier for the customer to search specifically for whatever they are looking for. 

This platform is perfect for the company because they advertise their hair through customer pictures showcased on the website.  Bella Dream Hair posts pictures of their clients wearing the hair, the hair before being installed, and the company’s personality/culture (an important feature that other companies have yet to show). Tumblr allows many traditional companies to exhibit character to the customers. One example is portrayed in the Tumblr site created by the makers of the Oreo cookie. They took the cookie and styled it after major news events. The way the cookie tumblrs. This let the company both promote the cookie through social networking and add some entertainment for their customers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 5.06.37 PM

Through tumblr, Bella Dream Hair posts pictures of celebrities with amazing hair, funny things in popular culture, and others which not only show the customer the company’s personality but also that they aren’t just a company, they are also people. This strategy majorly adds to their web presence and growing popularity.

I would definitely suggest checking out their Tumblr here!

For more information on Bella Dream Hair visit their website !

Case Study #2: Bellami Hair

bellami hair logoHair extensions come in many ways and forms. While there are many ways to install the hair, only one is temporary. This is through the use of clip-ins. Clip-ins are a temporary way to get long hair fast. Bellami Hair extensions are one of the more popular hair extension clip-in brands and is popular with most ethnic groups as Bellami caters to many hair textures.

Bellami hair is an online hair extension company that specializes in clip-ins. The name Bellami means, “beautiful me” which is how every customer should feel after having the extensions applied. They have termed their customer as “Bellami bellas.”  Their mission is “to make every woman feel beautiful and express their beauty to the world.”

The company gains most of their attraction through Youtube.  Youtube marketing is a great way to expand a business because videos are more relatable to a company’s chosen market. Youtube allows a company to focus on what their customers want and need from the company. In the case of hair extension companies, these videos act as “informing entertainment.” Youtube beauty gurus, people who review makeup, hair, skincare, etc., have become exceedingly popular over the last few years. People look to them for information on the latest products that have been released. These women have tons of influence over their viewers which companies have recognized. Noticing its importance, these companies pay the gurus for positive reviews (but some are unsponsored).  Even having one just guru sponsored leaves room for thousands of new customers to come because of that one guru. These women employ the use of Personal Branding while also supporting the companies that have sponsored them. This trade between the two allow for these guru’s to gain popularity and these companies to gain tons of new customers.

Bellami Hair has labeled their gurus as “Bellami Fashionistas.” The company even features each lady on their website with specific details and links.  These ladies are a diverse group of gurus and are selected because of their large following on the platform.

If you are looking for some excellent quality clip-in extensions then check out

Case 1: Sassy Mitchell Hair

#1 Sassy Mitchell Hair



Sassy Mitchell Hair is quickly becoming one of the most popular hair extension brands with the African American community. The company, based out of Atlanta, was created by Bianca Rush in early 2010. Since the discovery of commercial hair extensions, women of all ethnicities have dished out tons of money on hair they only keep for a couple of months. The trend has even lead to theft and crime, all in the name of long hair! “Pricey hair extensions are hot trend in St. Louis, attracting smash-and-grab thieves” Rush noticed how women were spending tons of money on terrible hair and decided to create a company to provide women with affordable “elite” hair extensions without the high price tag.

Sassy Mitchell and Social Networking


Over the last few years, Sassy Mitchell has become one of the most trusted hair extension companies. Trust plays a key role in being successful in the hair extension industry. As with all businesses, the only way to build a clientele is by establishing trust with their customers. Sassy Mitchell has achieved this with their raved-about service and celebrity endorsements. With the endorsement of celebrity socialite Draya Michele, the company has quickly gained a following through Instagram.


They have over 100,000 followers on the platform! Instagram is quickly becoming one of the prime platforms for generating sales. Some even consider it to be the most powerful sales platform of all social networking. Through the site, the company not only advertises about their hair but also about their event “Ladies Who Brunch.” This event allows for guests to network with other professionals in the metropolitan areas around the country. Guests can also learn about the event and can buy e-tickets through the platform as well.

It seems as though their social media strategy is working well for them!

To find out more, check out the company here Sassy Mitchell Hair!